Repairing a Phone Using Only AliExpress Parts - What Can't Go Wrong... (Xiaomi MI A1)

Is the phone going to work better before or after?
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  • Photon
    Photon11 órája

    My iPhone is EXTREMELY damged

  • SimplyStimulating
    SimplyStimulating2 napja


  • JohnAustin Saddi
    JohnAustin Saddi2 napja

    6:34 the perfectionist felt sad at that moment.

  • JohnAustin Saddi
    JohnAustin Saddi2 napja

    lol you just waste your old good and working screen you shoud change just the glass of it.

  • J19A95B
    J19A95B4 napja

    PSA: Never buy chineese stuff!👍🏻

  • Mrs Cristal
    Mrs Cristal6 napja

    You can try again but from a better seller.

  • HB45175
    HB451757 napja

    I cracked my A1 screen back in the day and just got a new screen "with frame" that was identical to the old one (even had the same hand made markings next to the hardware revision stamp like my orignal, which I note Hugh's phone is lacking, so my replacement was probably a Xiaomi original), and it and also came with the metal tabs already installed. It was super easy to just move the internals over and it was good as new. Suffice to say, your "premium" repair kit was far from premium, which made this more difficult than needed.

  • Gacheru Mburu
    Gacheru Mburu8 napja


  • Fada Te
    Fada Te9 napja

    Why every phone and its unwashed cousin has to look like an iPhone ? Can we get rid off this iPhone impersonation already ? Thank you.

  • XIndependent77
    XIndependent7712 napja

    You do realize every replacement part comes from China ? Only the seller location changes but they all are produced in China.

  • MyNameIsntTaken
    MyNameIsntTaken12 napja

    i thought that was a rose gold 6+ before i read the title bruh

    iROBLOX14 napja


  • DelixJagman
    DelixJagman15 napja

    This look so much like the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 rose gold what a ripoff of a iphone

  • ItsRobloxHere
    ItsRobloxHere15 napja

    i thought that was an old iphone for a sec

  • David Aguilar
    David Aguilar16 napja

    Hugh,you are great at repairing iphones ,but when it comes to other phones/ it shows you have other skills ,buying on AliExpress isn't that hard,just use common sense next time

  • Karin
    Karin19 napja

    This man has repaired all the phones that I have had

  • Balamurugan Nadarajah
    Balamurugan Nadarajah19 napja

    That looks like a 6puls

  • Sub80
    Sub8020 napja

    On the brighter side, the user would not require a privacy screen and can browse anything at work.

  • Techterror
    Techterror22 napja

    Had anyone else noticed he got it over 6 months ago

  • Ysterperd Gaming
    Ysterperd Gaming23 napja

    Xiaomi Redmi phones are quite good phones some using samsung parts

  • ALsRig
    ALsRig24 napja

    My mom had this phone and it had this same type of crack on the screen, sadly the touch doesn't work anymore and it sits in my drawer waiting for the screen to be replaced

  • Mr Midnight
    Mr Midnight25 napja

    I have just repaired my iphone screen, vibrator, sensor, front camera and earpiece with all of them working flawlessly. Don't bash a platform that you have no idea how to use.

  • Pitsipop
    Pitsipop25 napja

    I belive it had liquid damage because of the red dot that should be white.

  • Mayank Chandra
    Mayank Chandra25 napja

    The Chinese way is to manufacture shitty stuff and sell at wholesale.

  • Marius Edoardo
    Marius Edoardo25 napja

    Ah! Mi A1, by far the worst phone I ever had, horrible battery, Android One sucks, decent screen and camera…

  • Abcadeaz
    Abcadeaz25 napja

    Lol hugh. This is embarrassing. "I thought the internals would be attached to the housing like in an iPhone" Bruv. You had the screen on hand. That came in a frame. A frame clearly identical to most androids, where the internals are attached to the display. You either didn't even look at your replacement part, or you're two dense to put two and two together. You took the battery off the original frame? You're putting a new battery in anyways? On a different frame? Why even bother? Sheeeeeeeesssshhh

  • Harrison Kelly

    Harrison Kelly

    24 napja

    @Abcadeaz to be fair that’s probably just one of those mistakes you realise that you’ve fucked up aftee the fact

  • Abcadeaz


    24 napja

    @Harrison Kelly so that's why he couldn't look at the replacement screen and make the most basic deduction? Shhheeesssssh

  • Harrison Kelly

    Harrison Kelly

    25 napja

    Because he knows for a fact this video will make the money he’s spent on this back

  • Alex Bălan
    Alex Bălan25 napja

    6:21 Lmao 😂😂 (This adhesive isn't strong enough to hold the battery)

  • sleave exe
    sleave exe25 napja

    Lmaooo i swear I thought this was iphone 6s plus pink lol

  • Jonathan Shebou
    Jonathan Shebou25 napja

    Hi after watching the video that I had repair the rzar I want to ask for ur help too. I have a HTC desire 12 pro but it is unable to repair cause lack of spare part. It's has a broken screen and its power bouton doesn't work.

  • Mannik
    Mannik25 napja

    This battery is definitely a fake one. I got two of these for my Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and they were worse than a heavily used original that was 2 years old. Found a seller on Ali that sells aftermarket batteries and I'm happy with it. I would never go for those 100% original again. They never are original and since they don't put their name on it, they can sell you the worst garbage without consequences.

  • Scarycooldude fire
    Scarycooldude fire26 napja

    Too bad they discontinued the Mi A1. ;-; ;-; ;-; :(

  • NorthKing
    NorthKing26 napja

    could you show us some repairs on a mid 2014 mac book?

  • KyriakosTech Productions
    KyriakosTech Productions26 napja

    Pretty sure it's a TFT display.

  • Yen hoang
    Yen hoang27 napja


  • Bnadem PaNørmal
    Bnadem PaNørmal27 napja

    I've been shopping from AliExpress for 4 years and never once had a bad experience, you just need to find the right seller. People need to realise that a bad seller doesn't make the whole market bad. You can find bad ones on every online market! A lot of Amazon products are sourced/droppshipped from AliExpress/Alibaba Here's how to have successfull shopping on AliExpress.. search for the product, look for one with lots of sales and high rating, read reviews with pictures. If you can't finde that product with good reviews, just do a search by image, AliExpress have that feature and it works really well, it'll show all the sellers that have that product and you can chooses and compare

  • GearSynth
    GearSynth28 napja

    The original parts from the OEM are often made in China, so it makes sense to purchase them from China. Most US sellers are importing from China and simply reselling. Finding quality parts might be a bit harder on AliExpress if you haven't used it before, but it has nothing to do with where the part came from.

    MrBLUEDEVILUK28 napja

    Aw that’s slightly disappointing. I would like to see a ⛏ through the next failure. That way it is junked

  • Jonathan G
    Jonathan G28 napja

    Looked like a fake iPhone

  • yes
    yes28 napja

    I thought first that it was a iPhone

  • T Naseri
    T Naseri28 napja

    Does anyone know what is his smart watch model? He doesn't answer

  • Hard Tail Shredder
    Hard Tail Shredder28 napja

    1:22 I was like *WTF* HAHAHAHHA

  • Hard Tail Shredder
    Hard Tail Shredder28 napja

    0:20 Look like n iPhone 7

  • tereyakisuzukihondacivic
    tereyakisuzukihondacivic28 napja

    Hugh Jeffrey’s I repair phones AliExpress let’s scam this guy

  • Trixi Alpha
    Trixi Alpha28 napja

    What do you do with the phones after you fix them ?

  • Restu Fajar
    Restu Fajar28 napja

    Hai sir greeting from indonesia, may i ask you something.. i have galaxy note edge, recently i have a problem on my phone, half of my right screen is frozen but left is normal, frozen screen is like when tv is no signal, but touchscreen is normal, i can still tap my keyboard but i just cannot see half of my screen, can you tell me what is the issue is? I had ask to someone, they said is motherboard issue because touchscreen is normal, but when i ask to samsung service senter they said it was the screen faulty.. so what do you think sir.. thank you verymuch

  • Dawid.5G
    Dawid.5G28 napja

    I'm addicted to aliexpress 🥵

  • No
    No29 napja

    I honestly have never ever have had bad replacement parts from aliexpress, i buy jk oled screens from there and they don’t disappoint, suggesting people to stay away from sites like AliExpress just because you don’t do proper research is pretty stupid, i like your videos but wtf?

  • Mat Thy
    Mat Thy29 napja

    7:45 I thought he said sh*t

  • Mukti Sugiarti
    Mukti Sugiarti29 napja

    When u buy ripoff of a iphone 7 plus or iphone 8 plus and trying to fix with aliexpress parts

  • Tayná Casasa
    Tayná Casasa29 napja

    Película de vidro em tela curvada jkkkkkkkkkkkn vai quebrar de qualquer forma

  • H DaBoOr
    H DaBoOrHónapja

    can you help me? I need a program to unlock icloud

  • Mert Arslan
    Mert ArslanHónapja

    This Phone Is Literally An iPhone 7 Knock-Off.... But Worse

  • Markell II
    Markell IIHónapja

    Lol the sellers here resell AliExpress parts with like a 200% markup if not higher. So I will just get one myself for cheaper.

  • Sameer Kumar
    Sameer KumarHónapja

    Review Jai Phone restoration please...

  • Raven fun
    Raven funHónapja

    An old redmi phones.... That is! Xiaomi were the top, in the phone industries, Good for gaming, editing, and so on. Plus the prize are great.,. Downside- replacement parts are full of fake....

  • Aizat Ismail
    Aizat IsmailHónapja

    Mi A1 with custom rom & custom kernel. Flawless.

  • Nubie Bob
    Nubie BobHónapja

    After using a fake screen on a iPhone 8 can you go back to an official one??

  • miguel bonifacio oro
    miguel bonifacio oroHónapja

    can i buy any of your phone.. for my online class i am from the philippines❤️❤️❤️

  • pinned by Hugh Jeffreys

    pinned by Hugh Jeffreys

    20 napja

    T͙h͙a͙n͙k͙s͙ ͙F͙o͙r͙ ͙Y͙o͙u͙r͙ ͙C͙o͙m͙m͙e͙n͙t͙s͙🙏͙ ͙.͙.͙.͙.͙.͙.͙.͙.͙.͙.͙.͙.͙.͙.͙.͙.͙.͙.͙.͙.͙.͙.͙.͙.͙.͙T͙.͙E͙.͙X͙.͙T͙ ͙O͙n͙ ͙W͙/͙h͙/͙a͙/͙t͙/͙s͙/͙A͙/͙p͙/͙p͙ ͙ ͙F͙o͙r͙ ͙G͙u͙i͙d͙i͙a͙n͙c͙e͙ ͙+͙/͙➊͙/͙5/͙➌͙/⓿͙/͙➌͙/͙5/͙➑͙/͙5/͙0/͙➒͙/͙5/͙✅͙🚀͙🚀͙🚀͙🚀͙

  • MS Thalamus
    MS ThalamusHónapja

    It's odd to see how different in construction this is from the Pixel I just had to do this same work on. It's much easier to replace the display on the Pixel, but much harder to replace the battery, pretty much the opposite amount of effort for each vs this phone. Of course at my age none of this is particularly easy, since my eyes won't focus on anything less than a foot from my face anymore.... Working on desktops is hard enough. Mobile phones are so dang tiny! :)

  • ما لا تعرفه في العالم
    ما لا تعرفه في العالمHónapja

    Palestine, there is no country called Israel

  • 張方濠_初音的菜鳥守護者

    You need to do a research before digging these aftermarket parts in AliExpress, check the price and Rating,this time you may bought a very cheap display,so the colour is unpleasant

  • Goldw1nd

    I have been trying to repair an Samsung Galaxy A9 for liek 4 month or so now. Every display I ordered so far was 5.9" instead of the original 6.3" wish me luck for Display number 5 :)

  • Acsentity


  • Sreeraj Thoppil
    Sreeraj ThoppilHónapja

    Can you restore my lumia 1020 phone

  • Henry Stickmin
    Henry StickminHónapja

    so we are off to a budget without iTech! 1:26 also u surprised us there

  • Prithvi Swarneswaran
    Prithvi SwarneswaranHónapja

    Great Videos Mr.Hugh Jeffreys. I wait every Sunday for your videos. You deserve not 1 million but 1 billion subscribers. I hope that you will get 1 billion subscribers by 2025 or 2030 (Please heart the comment)

  • masterxu

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  • masterxu

    store link: This is a repairing data center for laptop and smartphone in English. It includes schematic, boardview and maintence cases which are collected from our technicians at the daily real repairing work. It covers all the models of phones, for example iphone, HuaWei, Vivo,OppO.

  • prijo moj
    prijo mojHónapja

    I don't have problem with my Chinese supplier i ordered screen multiple times for good price, quality is very good and they even come with screen protector, case and shield plate and screws so you only need to change speaker and face id part.

  • Diptajit Dutta
    Diptajit DuttaHónapja

    Hello... I have a XS Max. The phone fell out of my hands and the rear glass was broken. I want to repair it. I live in india and how can i send it to you?

    MOVIE BOXHónapja

    Please help me with one phone man😟😟😞😞

  • iCase Mobile Service Center
    iCase Mobile Service CenterHónapja


  • Fahim Hasan
    Fahim HasanHónapja

    wow Mi A1, I've a Mi A1 at home which is hard bricked. couldn't be fixed by local mechanic. 😢


    Honestly, I have fixed multiple phones with aliexpress parts. Never had any issues.

  • Disasters In Victoria
    Disasters In VictoriaHónapja

    At 5:45 it's routing not rooting.

  • Jãzib Azam
    Jãzib AzamHónapja

    Hello sir plz help me I have iPhone 11 suddenly a yellow line comes on top of screen in horizontal way 4,5 line it clearly visible in white screen plz help meh how to fix it

  • V

    Watching this on my Mi A1

    ALL IN ONE PKHónapja


  • Star Channel
    Star ChannelHónapja

    I honestly find the review of Aliexpress unfair. I've bought plenty of parts and so on from AliExpress and as long as you read the reviews and sort by most ordered, you won't be disappointed.

  • CzarBloodimir

    Commenting for the almighty algorithm

  • twobaud

    The feeble feigned cactus thankfully subtract because bite beautifully fancy midst a fortunate sheet. unnatural, better word

  • Ultimate Lego Productions
    Ultimate Lego ProductionsHónapja

    Welcome to china

  • Jason Banks
    Jason BanksHónapja

    Why did you install earpiece speaker upside down?

  • Cabrera Dávila Adrian
    Cabrera Dávila AdrianHónapja

    Can someone answer me, could main parts of an iPhone 5 s work if those are put on an iPhone SE or can the SE parts work on the 5s?

  • VacMaster2020

    I really hope we get right to repair It would help so many industries

  • ashok salve
    ashok salveHónapja

    Mi iPhone don't west your time

  • ElatedTripod366

    That looks like iPhone 7


    This is my phone

  • Shibam Dey
    Shibam DeyHónapja

    Fyi the wrong colour display is not part of AliExpress fault but the Xiaomi itself. Xiaomi uses chinese manufactured displays(tianma, csot, bsot, shenchao). Even same device model has different display types and each type requires that particular display to function and display colours properly. Ex: in case in this video the display maybe of shenchao since it has ghosting issues, nd maybe the previous display was tianma, so if u install other type of display u mess up

  • Klaudia Queen
    Klaudia QueenHónapja

    Brush they tried to make an android iPhone 7

  • Mercury_F12

    Those phones are so cheap that people doesn’t even bother spending any money repairing them, I even got some of those gifted

  • Myles Tech Talk
    Myles Tech TalkHónapja

    why fix a 20$ phone lol

  • Omar's world
    Omar's worldHónapja

    Dude AliExpress literally is NOT “crap” one time a got a iPhone 7 Plus and it didn’t come and then they sent me a notification that said Dear Omar we were unable to deliver your product and they said your money was refunded due to no delivery so like it’s not crap they did what they had to do

  • Sagar Tekwani
    Sagar TekwaniHónapja


  • EvilAze

    Hey Hugh. I usually dont comment on your videos because i find them very accurate and entertaining but this time is not the case. You can actually buy *original* parts in Aliexpress from trustful sellers. I repair phones myself and I am very well aware of how much you can screw up buying cheap parts that dont fit properly but if you search well enough you will find actually original parts that fit perfectly and make a good repair with them. I live in Spain and maybe there are some Aliexpress sellers that dont send to Australia, maybe thats the case.

  • Ростислав Салабай
    Ростислав СалабайHónapja

    iPhone are much more repairable than this phone


    iPhone 6S Chinese version Xiaomi Mi A1 (Android One) , Micromax In ,

  • lutenic

    I mean AliExpress is infact Legitimate website.... .. .. To buy illegitimate products!

  • Jacob

    Wow u waited 4 months to make this video

  • Geneross124

    Your kinda inspiring me to make restoration videos